Training Management

The training process in a company is responsible for the development of required skills and to prepare managers and leaders in the organization for reaching required performance expectations. The Sincron solution manages the training activities in the organization, facilitating the process of learning and accelerating performance.

Sincron for Training Management solution offers full support for:

Feedback on programs

Trainers and employees have the opportunity to evaluate courses and instructors thereby giving feedback for organizational analysis. Furthermore, the integration of the Sincron solution with the local Intranet increases the transparency of the process within the organization. A catalog of courses are made to act as accessible resources for employees and Managers to apply and receive credit for.

Training programs management

Easily manage employees' participation in the training sessions, receive various long-term aggregated reports at the departmental or company level. For accredited or licensed providers, the training documentation acts as a repository for legally binding training records.

Training activities management

Centralize the entire training requirements and related activities at the organizational or departmental level, highlighting initial needs, the actual calendar of approved and budgeted courses, and the actual courses completed by the team. The solution quantifies the results, shows the current status of the process, automates the enrollment flows, and manages the approval of participation in the training.

Process automation

Integrate the training needs of employees that stem from both the evaluation and professional development processes. Training is further aligned with the induction stage and recurring annual training stage, as assigned.

Approvals flow management

Get timely approvals and signatures from policy makers and departmental Managers to enroll employees in mandatory or training programs. Automate cyclical training programs and continuing optional credit systems as desired.

HR Manager

Centralizing the training provides me with more accuracy and control of information, reduces redundancy and gives me a clear situation of training changes at any level due to the centralized training calendar.

Keeping the history and feedback of the previous groups, the solution helps me to continuously improve the content delivery, adapting the content to the organization needs.

Another element making a difference in my work is the time saving for the analysis and reporting stages related to the results of these training programs. 



Using the analysis and reporting tool, the solution manages the training processes and aggregates the results of all forms of training (induction courses, repetitive courses, custom courses), giving me a clear picture of the return on investment in learning and training programs at the level of the entire organization. Therefore, I can make informed decisions to increase ROI on training processes. 


Integration of the Sincron solution, through its Employee Portal, with the local Intranet increases the transparency of the training process within the organization and the list of courses as accessible resources I can apply for. It is a multi-user solution that encourages information sharing & know-how.

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