Personnel Administration

Sincron HR Software is an "all-in-one" solution that views the HR processes in any organization as beginning in the Recruitment area. Candidates who pass recruitment receive the acceptance to proceed further into the Personnel Administration onboarding process for paperless HR management.

Employees with a contract are then supported to reach their goals through the Performance Appraisal component that is complemented by the provision and monitoring of training goals assigned by the Manager. Throughout this sequential process, the Internal Communication processes of the employee intranet portal plays a key role.

Sincron HR Software is a round-the-clock solution for organizations. The Sincron solution centralizes the generated data and automatically connects to other HR functions, with a diversity of benefits in terms of time, costs and transparency. Ask us how Sincron can meet your diverse HR needs.

Sincron for Personnel Administration solution provides full support for:

Administrative management

HR administrators and Managers have at their disposal the employee's electronic file at all times, allowing for easy management of all: employee data contractual information, key documents (diplomas, certifications, etc.), holiday/ leave statistics, and information gathered during different processes (  recruitment, performance evaluation, and training).

Multi-company administrative management

The Sincron solution manages contracts from multiple companies or departments, thus providing support to  an inter-disciplinary team in a single group-level solution. A list of companies is created, each with designated persons to approve contracts through assigned templates, in order to differentiate the various needs of  each individual entity.

Process automation

The organizational chart is populated automatically, based on the information collected from  the onboarding forms

Management of the personnel administration activity

Centralize the entire personnel administration activities at the organizational or companies level.

HR Manager

Using the Personnel Administration solution I have available at any time the employee's electronic file, containing all the information about that person in relation to the organization: personal data, contractual information, employee's documents (diplomas, certifications, etc.), other information gathered during different processes, such as recruitment, performance appraisal, training.

I have as well access to the information each employee publishes in his/her Employee Portal account, for which I have editing rights. 


An important benefit of the Sincron for Personnel Administration solution, as part of the complete Sincron HR Software solution, is that it can control cumulated work hours under different employment contracts, alerting us when there are deviations (eg exceeding the number of legal hours worked, resulted from more work contracts for the same employee). 


I know where to get all the information I need to do my job." In Employee Portal - the tool for Internal Communication, I find all the resources and information relevant to the organizational context. 

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