Recruiting is one of the core functions of the organization's talent management strategy. Our recruitment solution supports the efforts of all parties involved in the process!

Sincron for Recruiting solution provides full support for:

Management of the recruitment process

Effective management of the candidates’ pool: candidate history, application receipt, project placement, and onboarding through to evaluation. Candidate history is kept for both valuable applicants that have been involved in previous projects, and for whom partial assessments are in place, but also for inappropriate candidates, so that in subsequent applications the recruiter will no longer lose time through multiple reviews of unqualified applications.

Management of the approval flows

Sincron provides a clear, real-time image of all the recruitment needs and requests, at the level of the entire organization. Complex integrations are possible (i.e.: exporting through to a recruitment agency choosing the Sincron solution) in order to provide options for multi-party engagement in the recruitment process.

Management of the recruitment sources

Sincron allows authorized users the ability to easily manage multiple sources of candidates (i.e.: social recruiting, personal career pages, career portals, job-boards, mobile sourcing, specialists’ forums, etc.). The solution ensures the unification of information from these sources and the monitoring of the collected results. By expanding sourcing, social recruiting, automation, access flexibility, and enhanced data security, the solution helps to meet recruitment needs faster and more cost efficient than traditional means.

Advanced reporting

Sincron offers extensive reporting capabilities across projects, departments, divisions, and at the entire organization level. Reports can be customized to meet organizational reporting requirements.

Automating the recruitment process

Sincron enables the viral distribution of the recruitment announcement to multiple social media platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, professional discussion groups and forums, your own career page, blog or any other platform.

Orientation stage management

Sincron, through the employee portal increases the chances of quick integration for new employees by building a sense of belonging and accessibility to key onboarding materials.

HR Manager

I'm getting a decrease in the costs with the recruiting sources, I'm saving time along the entire process and I have the complete history for all the recruitment processes. The solution helps me develop my employer brand.


I use the best tracking system to see the completion level of my recruitment needs, I get the shortlist and real-time updates from the HR department.


I benefit from easy contact and multiple opportunities to apply to jobs using the company's LinkedIn career page, social networks or other career sites.

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