Performance and Goals

Performance appraisals are another process with significant impact for the continuous improvement of business results. Sincron provides a complete performance management solution that will help you have all of the information you need to retain, motivate, and develop people within the organization.

Sincron for Performance and Goals solution provides full support for:

Goals alignment

The management of the employee evaluation process is facilitated by the fact that you can align the individual objectives of each employee with organizational strategic goals. Managers can set up individual business goals, each correlated with individual  job descriptions, along with general organizational and departmental objectives. Sincron helps companies create organizational transparency by cascading their overall plan to employees, so that everyone has clear and aligned goals at the departmental and company level. Performance evaluations  are then able to be developed with a consistent set of objectives and goals for each department.

Automate feedback collection

Automate the process of collecting feedback by initiating survey tools and receiving and tracking confidential answers from all parties involved, and therefore contributing to increased awareness and response rates in soliciting feedback. The solution allows the use of various feedback methodologies, including traditional surveying formats as well as a 360 model.

Performance management

Recognize, motivate, and support employees in their personal development process. Easily identify persons with high potential so that their key talents can be leveraged across the organization. Sincron supports this by using reports specific to the performance management process that can be tailored by role or job description.

Aligning competencies

Establish relevant competencies for each position. The solution allows for the automatic attribution of skills and competencies to each role and for the monitoring of each employee’s performance management improvement. An outcome is an increase in the employees’ trust in the evaluation process and its transparency. Also, choosing role competencies actively involves managers in setting and monitoring the goals of people in their teams.

Management of the performance evaluation process

Easily manage the performance evaluation process at the organization level, respecting the specific employee assessments through specific timelines and criteria as desired. Automating the evaluation process makes it flexible, easier to manage and monitor. The result is senior management is provided with an overview and detailed information at the individual, department, team or location level, contributing to objective decision making.

HR Manager

The results of the performance assessments are an important part of the personal development plans and the identification of high potential employees (HiPo). Thus, the HR department provides the organization with resources for the future, contributes significantly to employee motivation and can increase the retention of valuable employees.


The careful measurement of performance against the goals facilitates the alignment of the individual goals of all team members with those of the organization.

Starting from goals, competencies and performance evaluation, the solution provides me with the complete tool for a continuous loop of constructive feedback. 


The solution makes it easy and transparent to set goals, facilitating continuous feedback with my manager, therefore helping me to constantly improve my performance, get involved in projects and progress.

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