Organization Management

Identify and define all the requirements to juggle multiple HR processes!
Build a solid work foundation that serves all of the HR processes, by defining the organizational structures and roles.

A basic principle of the Sincron solution is to manage specific information (such as HR tools like the organizational chart) in one single place within the application in order to ensure the transparency and unique preservation of key information. The major benefit of this framework is the utilization of information in other Sincron modules, without duplicating the information.

Sincron for Organization Management solution provides full support for:

Managing the organizational chart in real time

Accessing the organization chart is just one click away. For the management of all HR processes, the organizational chart is an essential tool. In Sincron, the chart  is pivotal and includes: easy definition and update of chart by multiple parties, quick access by any interested person (potentially any member of the organization), and the repurposing for utilization in various business functions and reports.

Sincron for Organization Management provides a unique place to define and edit the organizational chart. Once created, the chart is transparent and accessible to all those entitled to use it within the company, thus ensuring the consistency of accurate information. Furthermore, the information, once synthesized and structured within the organizational chart, with the hierarchy already defined within the organization, data can be extracted and used further in any of the Sincron HR modules.
The main benefit for teams is the ability to automate the management flow of information in any HR process.

The Sincron catalog of organizational roles

The Sincron solution offers a structured and unique framework in which to collect and define all of the roles in the organization. The initial definition of roles from the HR team consists manages accurate and complete data on all these roles. Information specific to each roleincludes for example: necessary skills, recruitment announcement, target department, organizational level, role type (managerial or non-managerial), necessary training and onboarding, etc.

Practically, Sincron helps to standardize the storage of information related to the organization and provides the framework in which information is assembled and made easily accessible to Managers.
Managing all of the roles in the organization using Sincron gives organizations increased visibility on the allocation of functions across departments and on the content of each job.

Skills mapping

The skills matrix, a widespread tool in the field of HR practice, helps to define specific competencies for each role by defining observable behaviors.

HR Manager

It has always been difficult to have access to the defining elements of the organization in a structured way. Also, in the context of staff turnover in the HR department, the way of organizing the information within the Sincron platform facilitates the transfer of this information from one HR specialist to another, without losing any aspects, essential to the company. The Sincron solution centralizes all the important HR information, being an anchor of stability during various staff changes.


The fact that I have some already well-defined and well-trained HR tools - such as the performance evaluation form - helps me a lot in my manager work. By centralizing and making available in an accessible way these HR tools, along with information about my direct subordinates, I can easily align with the company's HR standards.


Quick access through the Employee Portal to the organizational chart and all the information of interest to me is a sign of transparency and free communication within the organization.

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