The onboarding stage manages the relationship with the candidate in the so-called "gray period", where they have accepted the offer, but have not yet signed the contract. The Sincron solution improves the first-time experience of newcomers because the organization delivers key information through a central process. Additionally, this helps to minimize administrative complications.

Sincron for Onboarding solution offers full support for:

Process automation

When the information gathered from applicants through the onboarding process reaches 100%, a job contract is automatically generated based on contract templates. The organizational chart is subsequently populated automatically, considering the information gathered from the hiring forms built into the Sincron solution..

Management of the onboarding activities

Sincron centralizes the entire onboarding activity at the organization level, providing Managers with a clear picture of all the people who are about to be employed, how many of them have a delayed hiring day, and to what extent they have the required information / data / documents ready. Human Resources can then centrally manage all of the activities in order to finalize the employment contract.

HR Manager

The onboarding form provides all the necessary support for a clear record of all the necessary papers to hire the candidates who have accepted the offer. This way, I get a clear status for each person and I know at any moment how many people are just about to be hired, how many of them have a delayed estimated hiring day, to what extent they have the required information / data / documents ready, to complete the employment contract.


The onboarding form contains three types of information: personal data, information about the internal organizational structure that will include the candidate who accepted the offer and hiring contractual data. It helps me a lot that the solution is supposed to support multiple companies and multiple templates, being thus able to provide support to all companies that are part of our group in one single group solution.


The onboarding stage is my first interaction with the organization and on how it's done largely depends my easy and fast integration, both in the organizational culture and at the level of social interaction with my colleagues.

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