Internal Communication & Self-Service for Employees

The internal communication solution saves the time of HR specialists with the distribution of procedures, internal communication or induction; it also contributes to harmonizing the flow of ideas and needs between employees and the organization.

Sincron for Internal Communication solution provides full support for:

Managing the communication with the employees

Announce any event, vacancy, opportunity, holidays, etc. and give your employees a unique place where they can find: goals, performance evaluations, training programs, approvals, holidays, salary slips, etc.; the entire HR document suite can be managed through the Employee Portal.

The Induction process

The "who is who" section of the Employee Portal is one of the most effective welcoming and onboarding tools. Employees’ profile information is introduced in the system by the HR department, to maintain a certain standard and provide relevant information at the organizational level.

Getting closer to your employees

Keep in touch with people and show them that they are a truly strategic resource for the company, treated and valued as such. The company's organizational chart provides useful information about people and their roles in teams, departments or divisions, and it’s meant to create a complete and transparent image of the organization.

Internal recruitment

Promote using the Employee Portal new opportunities for growth within the company. The Employee Portal represents the official internal recruitment channel of the organization and can support a whole bonus system for the employees who help in the recruitment process through referrals.

HR Manager

The easy implementation of the work procedures is now evident using the Sincron for Internal Communication solution. We can offer our employees, in a friendly format, the entire library of work procedures, HR documents and templates, grouped on the specific needs of each department. We also communicate effectively with our employees through content pages where we announce any event, vacancy, promotion, opportunity, holidays, etc. in real time. 


The organization communicates in a “one-to-many” system by using this internal communication solution. It saves valuable time by giving people a centralized access to all the resources and documents they need, so that they can properly carry out their work. The organizational chart is public, it provides useful information about people and their place in teams, departments or divisions, having the role of creating a complete and transparent image of the organization. 


We work better together, and the fact that we have a portal where we can share all the information helps us all.

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