The Sincron HR Software Solution

Our vision is to integrate the management of all HR processes, covering the entire cycle "from hire to retire". The major benefits of an integrated HR solution include process optimization, unified information management, high responsiveness, easy communication, that results in considerable time & cost savings. The outcome is an HR solution that is continuous, traceable, and fluid.

Practically, Sincron helps standardize the storage of information about the organization and provides the framework in which all information is managed and kept easily accessible.
With over 10 years of experience in the field and a substantial number of serviced industries, Sincron is able to accommodate any organizational design and adapt to the needs of each customer.

HR Manager

Sincron manages the entire employee's evolution cycle, "from hire to retire". The software is an information center for everything that the company's workforce needs, covering documentation accessibility from individual data to legislative requirements. Additionally, with Sincron, administrators can perform personnel tasks for multiple departments or groups of companies, and it provides fast, real-time reporting across all HR processes.


Manager Benefits

Analyzing the results of HR processes in an integrated way, Managers have key real-time business information at their fingertips in order to make strategic decisions faster. Having an overview of all HR processes helps the Manager evaluate the impact on their business goals and act in time to optimize valuable resources.

Employee Benefits

Through Sincron, employees can collaborate and communicate with their colleagues and Supervisor. The result is access to key company information that supports a good and effective work routine. Transparency throughout each process strengthens employee confidence in the organization and management.

Sincron solutions for specific HR processes

Organization Management

Identify and define all the elements needed to juggle with the HR processes!

The Sincron solutions for specific human resources processes build a solid work foundation that serves all HR processes, by defining the organizational structures and roles.

For each role, the software utilizes a skills matrix that defines observable behaviors that can be utilized for employee management depending on the domain or department.
Sincron utilizes a detailed and up-to-date organizational chart that minimizes organizational challenges for the HR department. Once defined, it can be used by departments, Managers, and employees, including an export function into other business materials external to the Sincron solution.


Quickly identify the talented candidates!

Recruiting is one of the core functions of the organization's talent management strategy.
Our recruitment solution supports the efforts of all parties involved, providing full support for the management: of recruitment sources.  Sincron automates the flow of recruitment requests that filtering ideal candidates, and validating shortlisted candidates.


Offer a welcoming experience to the newcomers!

The onboarding stage manages the relationship with the candidate in the so-called "neutral period", where a candidate accepts an offer, but has not yet signed the contract. Improve the first experience of new hires into the organization by reducing the administrative complications associated with this process. The Onboarding solution offers full support for the management and centralization of specific activities.

Personnel Administration

Manage your employees for the entire duration of their relationship with the organization!

Manage your employees for the entire duration of their relationship with the organization!
"From hire to retire" is the complete process managed by Sincron Talent Management. The Personnel Administration component manages the bureaucracy behind an employee, from work contracts to additional papers, and from holiday requests to timesheets. The employee's electronic file keeps track of their path within the company, including all relevant information.
Additionally, Sincron performs the personnel administration tasks for large enterprises with multiple groups of companies, substantially reducing the complexity of the work.

Performance and Goals

Measure your performance against goals!

Performance appraisals are a process with significant impact for the continuous improvement of business results. We offer a complete performance management solution that provides you with all the information you need to retain, motivate, and develop people within your organization. Through the employee portal, supervisors can provide consistent feedback to employees regarding their progress towards reaching performance milestones.

Internal Communication

Improve internal communication at all levels!

The internal communication solution addresses two existing needs in organizations: formal communication through the distribution of procedures using the online channel, and non-formal communication on various topics and subjects of interest to employees.
The Employee Portal is  used for internal communication and employees’ self-service. Both the manager and employee can use the Portal to get their job description and engage with each other regarding shared involvement throughout  various HR processes managed with the Sincron solution.

Training Management

Build a culture of learning and development!

The training module  supports  the development of skills and professional progress within the organization. Our solution manages the training activities of the organization, considering the internal training needs, from integration programs to highly specialized training.

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