Implementation Consultant

We are alongside our partners throughout the entire implementation. First of all we are flexible in adapting the solution to the specific needs and requirements of each business. Second, we bring with us a model of HR process management that that has been implemented and worked through hundreds of times, both in Romanian companies and for projects at international level to ensure platform stability.

How Does It Work?

Using the Sincron team implementation services you will be able to:
- Build a configuration that incorporates the best HR practices in your specific industry
- Accelerate the development of the system, to make the investment in your human resources as efficient as possible
- Attract department managers into the employees’ development process and actively involve them to encourage stronger supervisory relationships

HR Manager Benefits

After the discussions in the audit and process design stage, carried out with the Sincron team, we understood there are directions in which we can optimize our internal processes.
In the implementation stage, we were able to achieve a configuration that serves better our organizational development efforts.

Other Sincron Services

User Training

For the employees of the companies using our human resources management solution, we offer recurring training programs, giving them the opportunity to assimilate more easily the whole suite of features and novelties regularly brought to the Sincron solution.

Audit and Process Design

Sincron simplifies the process of auditing internal HR processes at the organization level, as well as document approval, and other specific workflows, overall identifying weaknesses and the potential for optimization of these processes. Internal standards, rules and procedures to be respected, along with existing restrictions, are also considered.

Custom Developments

If the specifics of your industry or organization require the use of workflows that are not covered by the general features of the Sincron HR Software solution, we can provide customized software development or integrations with other applications. We work closely to meet the demands and requests made by the customer.

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