Custom Developments

If the specifics of your industry or organization require the use of workflows that are not covered by the general features of the Sincron HR Software solution, we can provide customized software development or integrations with other applications. Each customer has the ability to customize agreements to meet their HR needs.

How Does It Work?

Users can benefit from adaptations of typical flows such as the recruitment request flow or internal customer feedback flow. In over 10 years of presence on the Romanian market, we have successfully completed over 100 implementations and adaptations of the solution to the specific needs of our clients (internal flows and processes, working methods) in complex business contexts. For all custom software developments, we offer technical support.

HR Manager Benefits

For us it was essential to incorporate into the integrated solution proposed by Sincron our
internal benchmarks, specific flows and the metrics we use at group level. The required development was not a problem for the Sincron team, who helped us continue using our specific KPIs. Moreover, they came up with proposals to help simplifying the communication flows within the organization.

Other Sincron Services

Implementation Consultant

We work alongside with our partners throughout the implementation process. Principally, we are flexible to tailor our solution to the specific characteristics of each business. We also bring to our clients a stable framework for the management of HR processes. The Sincron solution has been implemented over 100 times, with smooth operational implementation for Romanian companies as well as for international level projects.

Audit and Process Design

Sincron simplifies the process of auditing internal HR processes at the organization level, as well as document approval, and other specific workflows, overall identifying weaknesses and the potential for optimization of these processes. Internal standards, rules and procedures to be respected, along with existing restrictions, are also considered.

User Training

For the employees of the companies using our human resources management solution, we offer recurring training programs, giving them the opportunity to assimilate more easily the whole suite of features and novelties regularly brought to the Sincron solution.

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