Company Values

Our values are simple: We strive to deliver excellence to our clients in every project, doing everything we promise at the implementation and post-sale level. We are always flexible, honest, and realistic, appreciating the trust and capital that our clients give us.

Business Vision

We were the first recruitment solution in Romania and we are now a top player among Talent Management solutions in the European Union. Sincron aims to constantly align itself with global standards and practices in the HR management field, while evolving from a local Romanian solution to an internationally appreciated one.


Our goal is to help our clients support the strategic importance of multiple human resources processes within any company. The Sincron solution provides our clients with the tools to manage these processes efficiently and to continue to improve them for the benefit of the entire organization, based on state-of-the-art technologies.

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A Short but Intense History

We started in Romania in 2007, with what is now the Sincron for Recruiting solution – a software aimed to improve the recruiters’ life and to reduce the specific mountains of paperwork.

2010 marked a turning point in our business approach – we understood that we are no longer selling a software product, but actually delivering services and building customer relationships.

2012 brings another benchmark: we won the First Projects for international businesses, with European partners.

2013 - after extensive input and feedback from the market, we expanded the Sincron solution from only Recruiting to its 1st stage of Talent Management.

2017 means another fresh start – with a continuously improved solution, we become present in the North American market, starting in Vancouver, Canada.


Sincron Solution Highlights

We have focused on streamlining HR processes since 2008, meanwhile successfully completing over 100 implementations across companies of various sizes. The experience and know-how gathered in this automation of HR processes translates into a mature, solid and flexible solution. Our red-thread is to be permanently connected to market needs and technology evolution.

Part of what differentiates us is understanding the HR processes and flows. To enable them to properly play their part, we conduct audits for the HR processes and offer technically viable options. These translate into dedicated and reliable solutions. Being friendly is also a key aspect in our development - we care about the simple and intuitive character of the solution.

Flexibility is also of paramount importance - it allows for adaptation and customization according to specific needs, as well as integration with other systems already in use. Over time, the solution has been tailored for various industries and large-scale companies. This broad exposure has helped us to easily approach implementations in any new industry.


Facts and Figures

We are online oriented, using the latest web technologies and incorporating into the solution the benefits of Internet usage: expanded sourcing and strengthening of the employer branding (social recruiting, online recruitment sites, mobile recruitment sites, job portals); process automation, flexibility in accessing the solution and ensuring data security using SaaS architectures.

We operate large candidates’ databases. The solution has been tested in challenging contexts, such as over 500 users, 40 different geographic locations and 1,000,000 resumes in the database, all simultaneously for the same client.

In terms of skills, we blend software design, knowledge of interface design, software architectures and optimum usage design to achieve an intuitive and easy to use solution.

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Memberships & Partners

Sincron HR Technologies Inc., the company representing the Sincron HR Software solution in Canada, is a proud member of: Ottawa Chamber of Commerce, Surrey Board of Trade, Tri-Cities Chamber.

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