Why Sincron HR Software

Sincron HR Software solution helps companies centrally manage their HR processes: organization management, recruiting, onboarding, personnel management, performance and goals, training and internal communication.

A unique platform means HR process optimization, accurate and up-to-date employee information, high responsiveness, easy communication and efficient use of company resources.

At the organization level, Sincron offers access and a perspective to each person involved in these processes: Human Resources, Managers and Employees.

HR Manager

The Sincron solution manages the entire employee's evolution cycle, "from hire to retire". The platform is an information center for everything that the company's workforce needs, from data, to paperless records, to legislative requirements. Power users access personnel administration for multiple departments and provide for fast, real-time reporting across all HR processes.


The Sincron solution helps Managers analyze performance results of employee processes in an integrated way, Managers have valuable business insights and complete real-time information to make strategic decisions faster. Having an overview of all HR processes helps to evaluate individual user performance impact on overall business or strategic goals in order to act quickly to optimize company resources.


As Sincron users, employees and contractors collaborate and communicate with their colleagues, managers and the company. The outcome is a strong, healthy, and effective work routine. Transparency throughout each process strengthens employee confidence in the organization and management.

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